The first A1 Group
Stakeholder Roundtable
took place on March 9th, 2023

“Human @ Center” is the core element of our corporate strategy. Not only are we applying this in internal procedures and processes, but we also ensure that stakeholders are at the heart of our considerations by maintaining an ongoing and open dialogue with them. To enhance this dialogue and deepen our commitment to sustainability, we hosted our very first Stakeholder Roundtable on the topic of “Sustainable development @A1” on March 9th, 2023.

The purpose of our Stakeholder Roundtable was to engage with our key stakeholder groups and receive their input on our ESG ambitions and collaborate with them to generate innovative ideas. To ensure a broad range of perspectives, we invited both internal and external stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds, including business customers, suppliers, politics & authorities, media, financial & regulatory institutions, civil society, academia, and NGOs, as well as internal and external ESG experts. With a balanced mix of roughly 50 external and 20 internal participants, including members from five different operational countries of A1, we were able to create a truly diverse and inclusive group of representatives to identify problems, generate and challenge ideas as well as come up with innovative solutions for the future.

The discussions were held on six tables, each with a specific topic defined by the categories of our materiality analysis: Environment/Circular Economy, Business through Digitalization, Employees, Society & Culture, Supply Chain Engagement, and Data Protection & Security. The highly diverse groups of stakeholders per table led to a wide set of discussed topics, as well as to diverse measures suggested by our honored guests.

The stakeholders’ active engagement in the discussion was executed through two discussion rounds. In the first discussion round, we aimed to identify the most important issues within the table topic and agreed on the three to four most important topics for further discussion. In the second round, we dove deeper into these issues and explored various initiatives and measures that A1 could undertake to address them.

Based on the valuable input generated during the roundtable, we can inform our ESG strategy execution and fuel it with additional measures identified by our stakeholders to promote sustainable development within the A1 Group. Building on the success of the first dialogue, we are planning the second Stakeholder Roundtable, to keep the dialogue with our stakeholders open and regularly engage with them on important topics.

(C) Fotocredit A1 / APA Fotoservice Krisztian Juhazs