The power of nature
ESG Champions 2022

Sustainability works best when we use existing raw materials carefully and do not deprive future generations of their livelihood. In the internal A1 ideas competition Empowering Ideas, challenged the A1 Team to submit sustainable projects that leave footprints in a positive sense. Find out in here where the wind of change will soon be blowing at A1 and how busy bees are humming smartly.

Smart Beehives

The idea of Martin, Evgeniya, Petar and Iveta has significant impact on the ecological balance. It’s about protecting bees, which are without doubt THE life-support system of nature and thus about the ecological balance. These ESG Champions are upgrading beehives to smart homes, equipping them with IoT technology and enabling anyone interested to make their contribution to biodiversity with the Beekeepers Academy.

Jury rating: Smart Beehives is a beautiful example of how digitalization can help solve challenges – like biodiversity conservation – in society.

Wind Turbines

Five colleagues from A1 Bulgaria have risen to the challenge of ensuring another renewable source in the mobile network and buildings. In doing so, they harness wind power in combination with solar panels and transform Bulgarian gusts into a Wind of Change.

Jury rating: This project accelerates the transition to green power and makes our cell towers more resilient.

Every contribution counts on our journey to a better tomorrow! #EmpoweringASustainableFuture