Handcraft for a Good Cause

Once a year, all employees of the A1 Group have the opportunity to participate in a Corporate Volunteering Day. This charitable work promotes personal development and enhances understanding of social issues. These experiences strengthen teamwork and contribute to making A1 a “Great Place to Work” that fosters well-being and satisfaction among all employees. We greatly value the opportunity to engage socially through A1, as it makes our work more meaningful and strengthens cohesion.

For a day, we, the A1 Group ESG Team, along with colleagues from Sustainable Finance, traded our laptops for knitting needles to support the St. Elisabeth Foundation of the Archdiocese of Vienna in their important work. Together, we dedicated ourselves to crafting knitting cords for “Mamas Workshop”.

The St. Elisabeth Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports pregnant women, single mothers with their children, and families in need. They provide counseling, donations, temporary housing, and temporary employment opportunities to help women reintegrate into the job market and regain independence. Additionally, the foundation assists homeless individuals with flexible housing and support services.

During the Corporate Volunteering Day, we actively supported the women at “Mamas Workshop”. Our handmade knitting cords were transformed in the workshop into beautiful and useful items such as pot mats and bracelets. The proceeds from the sale of these products directly benefit the mothers and their children, supporting their financial stability and independence.

In addition to our creative work, we were given a tour of the foundation’s facilities, gaining valuable insights into the diverse support services and dedication of the staff who make a difference in the lives of many people every day.

It was an enriching experience to be part of this wonderful initiative for a day and make a small contribution to support mothers in need. We extend our gratitude to the St. Elisabeth Foundation for their warm welcome and the opportunity to actively participate. We look forward to supporting similar projects next year, working together to make a sustainable difference in our community and engage socially.