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Matured Bond


On 26 March 2012, Telekom Finanzmanagement GmbH, guaranteed by Telekom Austria AG, issued successfully its fifth benchmark bond.

750 Mio. EUR / 4,000% / 2022 / Bond
Issuer:Telekom Finanzmanagement GmbH
Garantor:Telekom Austria AG
Rating:Baa2 / BBB
Issue Size:EUR 750 mn
Announcement date:26.03.2012
Settlement date:02.04.2012
Maturity date:04.04.2022
Listing:Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Denomination:EUR 1,000
Documentation:EUR 2.5 bn EMTN – Program
Joint BookrunnersBNP Paribas, Erste Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland

Further information on our bond

This information is neither an offer nor a solicitation for an offer to purchase notes (the “Notes”) of Telekom Finanzmanagement GmbH (the “Issuer”). The offer of Notes (the “Offer”) is solely made on the basis of a prospectus (the “Prospectus”) which has been approved by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) of the Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg and published by electronic means. Only the information contained in the Prospectus is binding in connection with an Offer.

Please note that there are risks associated with an investment in Notes which may lead to a loss of the invested funds. These risks comprise risks in connection with the Issuer and Telekom Austria AG as Guarantor and risks regarding the securities and are described in the Prospectus. Prospective investors should assess these points in the light of their individual situation only upon having thoroughly studied the prospectus. Investors which are not able to correctly assess or to carry the risks associated with an investment in the Notes should not invest in the Notes.

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