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Compliance Management System

The A1 Group is committed to maintaining a high standard of integrity toward all stakeholders. After all, only honest, fair, and transparent actions can ensure the economic success and reputation of the Group in the long term. Respectful and appreciative interaction with one another is also an important component of our corporate culture.
The A1 Group’s Code of Conduct is an essential basis of the Compliance Management System. It is aimed at all employees and managers and helps to promote ethically and legally impeccable behavior in many decisions on a day-to-day basis. Group-wide compliance guidelines also provide detailed assistance on specific topics such as anti-corruption and conflicts of interest, antitrust law, and capital market compliance.
In order to anchor the idea of integrity throughout the Group in the long term, regular training sessions are held that are optimized for the target group. Compliance topics are explained in a practical manner and specific case studies are dealt with in training sessions held throughout the Group. To ensure the integrity standards, our compliance management system is also regularly subjected to an external review by an independent auditor.
With the aim of sustainable prevention and the detection of potential risks within the A1 Group, employees as well as external persons can report information about possible misconduct via the whistleblower platform “tell.me portal” – anonymously if desired. A1 Group employees can contact the Compliance Helpdesk at ask.me@A1.group to clarify open questions.

This is how we ensure that compliance is put into practice.