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Digital Education

The A1 digital.campus offers numerous free innovative workshops ranging from “Coding”, “Robotics”, and “Media & Design” for children and young people to special educational events, hackathons, and holiday camps as well as the Start Up Talents Summer Lab.
These events are held at the A1 digital.campus in Vienna and at schools throughout Austria as well as online. The courses are offered for different age groups from 1st to 8th grade. In addition, parent information evenings and training sessions for educators are held in cooperation with SaferInternet.
The range of digital education initiatives was rolled out to all subsidiaries of the A1 Group. The topics of “Internet safety” and “digital skills” were also the focus of initiatives at A1 Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Northern Macedonia. The offerings ranged from workshops for school classes and students to parents’ evenings, specially designed workshops for girls, and learning videos including e-quizzes. A1 Bulgaria in particular picked up on the growing influence of influencers and produced its own learning videos with a well-known Bulgarian YouTuber on topics such as IoT, 5G, NFC, and digital payment options. A1 North Macedonia launched its own “A1 Academy” for students with a focus on marketing automation, digital marketing, agile working environments, IoT, and 5G.
Since 2011, the initiatives have already recorded a total of 353,292 participations in over 18,400 workshops. Despite these successes, the A1 Group wants to give even more people the opportunity to learn more about digitalization. The ambitious goal is to reach a total of 500,000 people in all A1 Group operating countries through digital education initiatives by 2030. This will double the A1 Group’s ambitions over the next 10 years compared to the previous decade.

More information about the A1 digital.campus initiative and the current course program can be found here.

A1 Seniors’ Academy

For the older generation, A1 Austria offered a wide range of online workshops as part of the “A1 Seniors’ Academy,” giving people over 60 information on relevant security issues, how to use WiFi correctly, and the latest advice on using cell phones when traveling, video calls, and cell phone parking. Similarly, A1 Bulgaria’s “Internet for All 55+” program produced online videos on issues such as security on the Internet, fake news, phishing, and practical tips on the right way to use mobile devices. In Belarus as well, the #ionline campaign was continued to actively help senior Internet beginners as they take their first steps in the digital world.
 More information about the initiative and the current course program can be found here.