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Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Equal opportunities and diversity are important components of the A1 Group’s corporate philosophy. With great awareness of its responsibility in society, the company helps to create an inclusive working environment in which all employees are respected, valued, and supported, regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or disability.
The A1 Group values diversity and believes that talent is not subject to norms. Diversity means contributing and shaping with one’s full potential. After all, the more heterogeneous, diverse, and varied teams are, the more different perspectives, ideas, and skills they bring to the table. This is an essential milestone, because diversity makes the company more innovative, more efficient, and more changeable – and thus more stable and well equipped for a successful future.
Equal opportunity also continues to be a significant issue in society. At the A1 Group, we not only draw attention to this issue, but also actively address it. The A1 Group strives to offer its employees equal opportunities in order to be successful. The A1 Group is committed to gender balance at all levels of the company and has set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of women, particularly in management positions, and achieving pay equality. Not only are the targets regularly reviewed, but measures are also developed to promote diversity on an ongoing basis and across all A1 countries.
The A1 Group recognizes that unconscious bias is a major barrier to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Therefore, in order to create awareness for diversity and inclusion in the company, a cross-border e-learning course was rolled out in 7 languages in 2021, which provides comprehensive information and aims to counteract unconscious biases on different levels. In addition, workshops are offered to create new framework conditions and better processes through discussion and exchange.

Our Initiatives Concerning Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Various measures are taken at the A1 Group to promote equal opportunities and diversity. Firstly, the A1 Group is committed to ensuring the well-being of its employees and a good work-life balance. Secondly, the company wants to raise awareness among its employees of the different characteristics and needs of their customers.