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Human Rights

Having joined the UN Global Compact, the A1 Group is committed to implementing fundamental requirements in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and combating corruption. This commitment has been acknowledged by being integrated into the Austrian subsidiary’s Terms and Conditions, for example. In some countries in which the A1 Group operates, national laws can make it difficult to ensure that human rights are respected in full. Where national law diverges from the A1 Group’s commitment to human rights and sets a lower standard, the Group always endeavors to achieve the higher standard, with the well-being of employees being the top priority. In the event of a conflict, the A1 Group applies national law, at the same time attempting to respect human rights as much as possible.
Human rights complaints can be submitted on the compliance whistleblowing platform “tell.me portal” – including anonymously if so desired – and are carefully processed in conjunction with compliance processes.

Human Rights Policy