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Supply-Chain Standards

Commissioned suppliers are contractually obliged to comply with the A1 Code of Conduct by means of the General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing. Independent of specific procurement projects, the A1 Group expects potential suppliers to commit to transparent and sustainable supply chains. These requirements are set out in the Conflict Minerals Policy and the Human Rights Policy, with the goal of promoting sustainable products and services that are manufactured in compliance with human rights.
A1 Group implements a cross-border, digital supplier relationship management system. This creates a risk profile for the top suppliers and interacts with the suppliers in relevant areas (from CO2 emissions, HR compliance and conflict minerals to competition compliance, sustainability, data protection and data security) in order to ascertain compliance in the aforementioned areas, set appropriate mitigation measures in the event of deviations and ensure their implementation.

In 2022, A1 Group also joined the Joint Alliance for CSR (JAC), an association of telecommunications companies, to define, embed and monitor CSR criteria in supply chains. This membership serves the purpose of ensuring suppliers’ compliance with A1 Group’s ESG guidelines, in particular through the audit results shared within JAC.

All these measures already implemented by A1 Group anticipate, to a certain extent, compliance with the Supply Chain Governance Act being drafted at EU level. Processes and their underlying software will be rolled out across the Group after implementation in Austria.