How Female Empowerment is celebrated at A1 Austria

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, A1 Austria celebrated the Women@A1 Festival for the second time – an event created to make a strong statement about the commitment to gender equality.

The festival attracted nearly 400 participants and offered a variety of opportunities for inspiring, networking, learning, and supporting, as well as a wide range of discussions. Eleven masterclasses covered topics such as effective negotiation techniques, assertiveness, and proper reading of business reports, led by A1 women for A1 women. Thanks to the interactive nature of the presentations, there was plenty of room for participation and questions, which the attendees enjoyed noticeably.

A personal touch was added to the festival by the authentic and emotional keynote on “Personal Branding” by Karin Teigl, better known as “constantlyk”. She provided deep insights into the topic and her own fascinating success story. With her light-hearted and straightforward approach, she encouraged A1 women to believe in their dreams and not be discouraged by rejection.

The Women@A1 Festival was once again a highlight for us at A1 Austria this year and proof of the strength of our team of A1 women. However, it was also a space for personal growth, new ideas, and solidarity. We are already looking forward to next year and continuing to work together towards gender equality.