Driving Sustainability Transformation Through Upskilling

Why no ESG strategy can succeed without the proper training of employees in sustainability, and how seriously we at the A1 Group are taking this step.

Climate change and its impacts are now omnipresent. The media reports daily on environmental disasters, new regulations, and measures. But how seriously is sustainability really taken and how consistently are concrete steps implemented? Although one might think that people are sufficiently engaging with this topic and working on it collectively, the reality in everyday work often looks different. Climate change is often neglected due to other seemingly more urgent problems. However, in companies aiming for a sustainable transformation, every individual plays a role.

That’s why upskilling employees is an essential part of our ESG strategy at the A1 Group. We are aware that we can only achieve change when knowledge about urgency and possibilities for action is present, and skills for the desired transformation are conveyed. For this, we rely on three different approaches:

Firstly, we offer our employees the opportunity on our internal A1 Learning Platform to learn more about our ESG strategy and engage with ESG-related topics. We place particular emphasis on aspects such as knowledge of climate change, circular economy, as well as equality and inclusion.
Another step on our ESG learning journey is the weekly update on sustainability topics on our internal social media platform “Workplace.” Also, colleagues can exchange ideas on sustainability and spread current information across countries.

As a third and most crucial approach, we promote training and further education in the ESG sector. Therefore, we provide targeted training for all our employees in the seven countries of the A1 Group. With the “Climate Essentials” program, we specifically strengthen the environmental competence of those involved in implementing our ESG strategy. Furthermore, we train and encourage our executives as part of a separate “Sustainable Leadership Masterclass” to align business goals with climate goals and inspire their teams towards a sustainable transformation of our company.

We at the A1 Group see education and awareness around the issue of climate change as an essential step for a successful sustainability transformation of our company. We encourage you to do the same in your company, as change can only be achieved together. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our ESG team.