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Data Privacy

At A1 Group, data is only used when there is a legal basis for doing so. In addition to the statutory requirements in the respective countries, all companies are required to obey the information security standards created for this purpose and other country-specific guidelines on data security.

Intensified security initiatives

As an operator of critical infrastructure, A1 is aware of the responsibility this entails. For this reason, the Group is involved in initiatives to constantly improve security (including cyber security) and availability beyond the extent required by law.

A1 Group has a privacy management governance model aligned with its strategy and approved by the Board of Directors to ensure effective and efficient privacy management.

The principles of data protection law comprise

  • lawfulness and purpose limitation of data processing
  • data minimization
  • the accuracy of data
  • storage limitation and the confidentiality / integrity of data and accountability

Adherence to these principles forms the foundation of data protection management at the A1 Group. These principles are an essential component of A1 Group’s internal regulations, which are in turn cascaded to the operating companies and implemented on a local level, aligned with
national regulations.

The A1 Group naturally follows the statutory procedures in the event of a personal data breach. These include notifying the data protection authorities and informing the data subjects of this event in line with data protection law.

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