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Upskilling @A1 Group

Why no ESG strategy can succeed without the proper training of employees in sustainability, and how seriously we at the A1 Group are taking this step.


Supply-Chain Standards


Sustainable Development Goals


A1 MINTchanger:in Event 2023

What if there were no limits imposed on women's careers? And if there are: How can we break them? At our second A1 MINTchanger:in event on May 12, 2023, we talked to amazing women and role models about being a woman, professional opportunities and challenges, mutual empowerment, and why change can be driven by everyone.


Waste prevention and resource conservation

We at the A1 Group are committed to sustainable reuse of products in the long term and aim to increase the share of recycled and refurbished devices by 20% by 2025. Learn more about the challenges and life-extending measures we are currently implementing with modems in our video.


A1 Stakeholder Roundtable

The first A1 Group Stakeholder Roundtable took place on March 9th, 2023