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Stronger Together: Celebrating the Women@A1 Festival on International Women’s Day

The Women@A1 Festival was organized by A1 Austria for the second time on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8th, attracting nearly 400 participants. Inspiring masterclasses were held, signaling a strong commitment to gender equality and highlighting the dedication of A1 women to personal growth and solidarity.


CO2 Reduction


ETIS Sustainability Working Group Meeting @ A1 Group


Safer Internet Day @ A1 Group

On February 6, institutions, companies, and individuals worldwide celebrated the "Safer Internet Day" under the motto "Together for a better internet", followed by free online workshops offered by and the A1 digital.campus. A1 Group is committed to digital education not only on this day but also beyond, with events such as free workshops in Slovenia and the A1 STEMFemme Junior project in Croatia.


Upskilling @A1 Group

Why no ESG strategy can succeed without the proper training of employees in sustainability, and how seriously we at the A1 Group are taking this step.


Supply-Chain Standards

In 2022, A1 Group also joined the Joint Alliance for CSR (JAC), an association of telecommunications companies, to define, embed and monitor CSR criteria in supply chains.