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Upskilling @A1 Group

Why no ESG strategy can succeed without the proper training of employees in sustainability, and how seriously we at the A1 Group are taking this step.


Supply-Chain Standards


Sustainable Development Goals


A1 Stakeholder Roundtable

The first A1 Group Stakeholder Roundtable took place on March 9th, 2023


ESG Champions 2022 Ideas are the future

Allein die Hoffnung auf ein besseres Morgen wird die Welt nicht verändern. Bei A1 gibt es seit 2017 den internen Ideenwettbewerb Empowering Ideas, ein Intrapreneurship Programm, das heuer erstmals nachhaltige Projekte sucht, um die (A1) Welt eben doch etwas besser zu machen. Neugierig, welche Ideen unsere ESG Champions 2022 hatten?


How female is Advanced Analytics?

A life without Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impossible to imagine. Six women at A1 have decided to share their enthusiasm for this topic.